Hugawookie is all about building the experience to be a great production company through making some festival winning shorts. Its a long game and is meant to be fun.

As a small filmmaking group Hugawookie sees everyone pitch in with relevant skills when the project demands. Pre-production is all about collaboration, as everyone has something useful to contribute to moulding and shaping a film.

Tim Callaghan: DP, Editor, Producer

Tim is an experienced photographer and likes to focus on getting the best shot possible. Nothing should ever need fixing in post.

Alistair Hughes: Writer, Director, Producer

WriterAlistair loves writing and always gets the first view of the finished film. In his head.

Matthew Dashper-Hughes: Director, Producer, Actor

LoudhailerAs an inveterate bossy bugger Matthew loves to direct, luckily he is also good at translating Alistair’s vision from words on the page to scenes in reality. His entrepreneurial skills make him a perfect producer and he loves working with actors on crafting their performance. He doesn’t let us leave until the picture and the sound are perfect.

Jack Green: Sound, Composer

A talented musician, composer and sound engineer, Jack lives for the sound. Jack was the first addition to the crew and always brings infectious good humour… and malt loaf.


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