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Hugging Wookies

I’m not quite sure what a Blog entry should say on this site. Like much about what we are doing in these early days of what we all hope will be an ongoing and ever-growing creative collective, this entry is a learning experience. Life is not like a box of chocolates, no matter what Forrest Gump said. With a box of chocolates you get that little map in the lid […]



300 Hours

Synopsis In 2015 the UK Government initiated the largest ever test of a synthetic virus, aimed at subduing people with specific characteristics. It went horribly wrong. 300 Hours contains edited footage from the diary of the project’s chief scientist, as a chilling warning to future generations. Crew details Starring: Alistair Hughes Written by: Alistair Hughes Edited by: Alistair Hughes Directed by: Alistair Hughes Technical details Camera: Panasonic HD Edited in: […]


Short: Galactic Council

To most people Reg is a perfectly normal individual. Just one they’d rather not spend time with. Despite being rude, foul and obnoxious, there’s something unique about him that The Galactic Council thinks it needs. A comedy about how being unpleasant can make the universe(s) a fairly lonely place.