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Location Reconnaissance

Hugawookie Films’ – Director/ Producer Matthew and DoP/Editor/Producer Tim doing a location recce on 4th April 2013 for this year’s London Sci Fi 48 Hour Film Challenge!


Hugawookie enters the 2013 London Sci Fi 48 Hour Film Challenge

Let the games commence! Hello Hugawookie followers… it’s been a while, but we’re back. We’ve spent time honing our craft and building on the things we have learned from our previous efforts and now April is here and it is time once again for the London Sci Fi 48 Hour Film Challenge. So how does this madness work? Some time between 10am and 12noon this Saturday, the 6th of April […]



It Seems Quiet Because it's So Busy

Hello. It’s been a while. We’ve not been sitting around you know. Whilst we have day jobs -well some of us do…,- Hugawookie work continues apace, even if mainly in the form of discussion and drunken arguments about process. Tim was busy doing an Open University course on Digital Filmmaking (I know, horse bolted and all that) and we got involved in helping with that, to the degree that we […]



So, here it is...Unwritten


Enter Sandman

It is done. After 48 frenetic hours, with virtually no sleep, the film challenge is over and a fine, fine film lies in it’s place. My fellow wookies have hopefully accepted the warm embrace of the Sandman and enjoyed a well deserved rest. I crashed just before 5am and had to head off to work at 7, leaving them to finish off without me. I have just seen the final […]