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#sfl48hr - It's a wrap, folks!

Having been awake for all bar three and a half of the last fifty-four hours (and counting) I cannot vouch for the sanity or lucidity of this post, but I feel I must put in just another few minutes at the pixel-face to tell you where we are up to. We finished. In fact, we completed the movie by 9.30am, and started the upload of the 720p version to Vimeo […]



The 'making of' video part two... day two: The edit!


#sfl48hr continues... the descent into madness!

So after a couple of hours of sleep we awoke ‘refreshed’ at 9.00am and, after a hearty breakfast, got stuck into the edit. Whilst I was blogging and doing the first part of the ‘making of’ video in the wee small hours, Tim and Jack were busy cataloguing all of the footage they had captured during the shoot. This meant that today was a relatively streamlined operation. Honest. Tim started […]



The making of 'Hourglass' part one... the shoot!


#sfl48hr 2013 Hugawookie wrap day one and still going strong...

It might just be the fact that I am typing this at 03.04 on day two, but I feel kind of blessed right now. Blessed to have spent the (very long) first day in the company of a very fine bunch of actors (bunch is the right collective noun, isn’t it?) Blessed to have the privilege of working with such a small but dedicated and talented set of people: Tim […]