New Production News

Star Wars fever is on the rise. Episode VII is entering production and the build up to 2015 is getting everyone excited, including everyone at Hugawookie HQ. We recently shot some audition tapes for some of our actor buddies to send off to JJ Abrams and, with a bit of spare studio time, we cobbled together a skit. This really seemed to get the creative juices flowing and before long […]


#sfl48hr 2013 Hugawookie wrap day one and still going strong...

It might just be the fact that I am typing this at 03.04 on day two, but I feel kind of blessed right now. Blessed to have spent the (very long) first day in the company of a very fine bunch of actors (bunch is the right collective noun, isn’t it?) Blessed to have the privilege of working with such a small but dedicated and talented set of people: Tim […]


Enter Sandman

It is done. After 48 frenetic hours, with virtually no sleep, the film challenge is over and a fine, fine film lies in it’s place. My fellow wookies have hopefully accepted the warm embrace of the Sandman and enjoyed a well deserved rest. I crashed just before 5am and had to head off to work at 7, leaving them to finish off without me. I have just seen the final […]


Story is King

The German word ‘Gestalt’ roughly means ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. A great band can be like this – the music that they produce together transcends anything that they could ever hope to produce as solo artists. Like the Beatles (and apparently not everyone does) – George Harrison, John Lennon and Paul McCartney all individually produced some very creditable solo works. But only when they […]


Writing is Easy, Writing is Hard

Writing is something we -with the possible exception of children who crash-landed into the jungle and were raised by wild bears- can all do. We typically have to do it every day; whether taking notes at work or signing your life away in exchange for a shockingly expensive meal. Some of us will have even taken the art of rearranging 26 different letters into descriptive and amusing shapes to the […]