6 Seasons and a Movie...

‘Tis the season…for 48-hour film challenges. The sixth year of taking part in the Sci-fi London 48-hour Film Challenge, this one marked a change in direction… comedy. On Saturday we were given the following variables we had to stick to: – Title – Ad Nauseam – Prop – We see a main character push an SD Card into a slot – Line of dialogue: “I usually keep a spare one […]


Creating The Perfect

This weekend marked the 5th year of being involved in the Sci-Fi London 48-hour Film Challenge. A lot is so, so very familiar – high energy, tiredness, enthusiasm, exhaustion, hilarity and pizza – and yet things change. Perhaps exemplified best by this years final product, people just keep getting better. We have all learnt a lot, continue to push each other, encourage each other, and trust each other to take […]


Another 48 Hours*

*nothing to do with the Eddie Murphy film. That time of year swung around once more. After a very busy year the Hugawookie crew were determined to jump into this years 48-hour film challenge, whatever it took. Which was lucky as we were down a producer/actor in the form of Matthew, Sound-guy Jack was unavailable and could only dial in the music composing from a distance and Alistair -who had […]



So, here it is...Unwritten


It's a wrap!

I can hardly believe it, but we have finished. There was a time, at about 05:00 that I thought we wouldn’t make it; Tim chose that time to decide that the edit of Saturday’s shoot just wasn’t good enough and that the hurried rotoscoping was too messy, looked too amateurish and was all-in-all a bad thing. So he started again. By mainly using what we’re calling our Millennium Falcon shot […]



300 Hours

Synopsis In 2015 the UK Government initiated the largest ever test of a synthetic virus, aimed at subduing people with specific characteristics. It went horribly wrong. 300 Hours contains edited footage from the diary of the project’s chief scientist, as a chilling warning to future generations. Crew details Starring: Alistair Hughes Written by: Alistair Hughes Edited by: Alistair Hughes Directed by: Alistair Hughes Technical details Camera: Panasonic HD Edited in: […]