Basic Rotoscoping Attempt

We got to the business end of cloning out an object that has foreground interaction. I could have chose an easier scene to try and figure out how to use AE CS 5.5, but I’m fairly happy with the novice results. I thought I was going to need to use motion tracking with scaling at first, but then looked at animated masks. They blew my mind. Then came along the […]



Doh! We didn't shut the door!

This was our first attempt at a rough object clone from video using After Effects. It’s all about learning at the moment, to try and pick up some new techniques and give us an idea of what is possible in post. We made a continuity gaff in our shot, and left the side garage door open. Using techniques like in Photoshop, I attempted to remove, or clone the door out […]


Hugging Wookies

I’m not quite sure what a Blog entry should say on this site. Like much about what we are doing in these early days of what we all hope will be an ongoing and ever-growing creative collective, this entry is a learning experience. Life is not like a box of chocolates, no matter what Forrest Gump said. With a box of chocolates you get that little map in the lid […]


Short: Galactic Council

To most people Reg is a perfectly normal individual. Just one they’d rather not spend time with. Despite being rude, foul and obnoxious, there’s something unique about him that The Galactic Council thinks it needs. A comedy about how being unpleasant can make the universe(s) a fairly lonely place.