Moore is more... Day Two of the 48 Hour London Sci Fi Film Challenge

So we are now 30 hours into the challenge. Tim hasn’t slept at all, Alistair managed a couple of hours between 06:00 and 08:00 today. I am a wimp and got three and a half glorious hours of shut eye. Hey, it’s tough being the sound guy, y’know?   Yawn.   Anyway, today we were filming on location at Moore Nature Reserve in Warrington. Nature reserve warden Anne Marie met […]


Non-DP Attempts to explain Camera Technology

In order to take light coming in to a lens and turn it into an video file on a flash card, a camera works through a series of linear steps, once for each frame per second required of the filming. At the highest level the steps are: Sensor – Light passes through the lens -not dealt with here, a whole voodoo area of it’s own- and strikes the sensor, a […]


Story is King

The German word ‘Gestalt’ roughly means ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. A great band can be like this – the music that they produce together transcends anything that they could ever hope to produce as solo artists. Like the Beatles (and apparently not everyone does) – George Harrison, John Lennon and Paul McCartney all individually produced some very creditable solo works. But only when they […]


I'm More than a Cameraman!

The DP, or Director of Photography, or Cinematographer, is one of the most important roles on set. It is also the role that, when described, usually results in people saying, “ah, the cameraman”.   Lets cut straight to the chase here. The DP is not the cameraman. He might be behind the camera a lot but pointing the camera at actors and pressing the start/stop button when to to is […]


But Producers are Evil, Aren't They?

Welcome the first in a series of discoveries about filmmaking from the perspective of a writer making his way. Our producer, Matthew will have his own, different and broader, views on this to share I’m sure. Everyone struggles with understanding what a producer does. Its dilution into a pot of competing vanity terms – executive, associate- make it seem less than a contributory role and more like a grading system […]


The sound of tiny acorns growing...

One of the big things that I took away from last weekend’s Guerrilla Filmmaker’s Masterclass was the basics of creating a ‘picture with sound’. The old phrase says that the best pictures are on radio… Chris Jones pointed out that when a filmmaker gets the sound right, somehow, almost magically, the picture seems better. Wow. Sound is important. That is kind of cool. I have found myself paying far more […]


The Guerrilla Filmmaker’s Advanced Master-class. Regent’s Park College. London. 18th & 19th February 2012.

Hugawookie Films Limited went en masse down to ‘that London’ this weekend. The three of us were up at the crack of sparrow’s fart on Saturday morning. We hauled our tired asses on to the Virgin Pendolino from Cheshire down to Euston and made it to the college in time for the commencement of the seminar at 9.00am. Day one ran from 9.00am until 7.20pm; day two from 9.30am to […]



Part Rescuing Poor Sound Recording

This went much better than expected considering the poor shape of the sound. Here I run through the work I did on one audio clip to try to increase the levels, while keeping the noise levels down. If I can offer one tip though. Get the audio captured correctly on location. Nightmare!



Light Effects with Motion Tracking

This is the next instalment of a series of videos that I’ve published about getting to grips with some of the techniques and tools of After Effects while working on our first short film from Hugawookie Films. We’re having a great time learning all of this stuff, and it will only get better with experience. One personal comment, is that I find it really engaging working with our own material, […]



Grading Day for Night

More n00b attempts at learning the basics of After Effects with our recently part shot short narrative film, called “Galactic Council”. Here I go through cropping to 2.35 for cinematic effect, adjusting exposure using levels, grading using Magic Bullet Looks for a “night for day” look, and roughly tidying areas that don’t look quite right.