Location Reconnaissance

Hugawookie Films’ – Director/ Producer Matthew and DoP/Editor/Producer Tim doing a location recce on 4th April 2013 for this year’s London Sci Fi 48 Hour Film Challenge!



So, here it is...Unwritten



Part Rescuing Poor Sound Recording

This went much better than expected considering the poor shape of the sound. Here I run through the work I did on one audio clip to try to increase the levels, while keeping the noise levels down. If I can offer one tip though. Get the audio captured correctly on location. Nightmare!



Light Effects with Motion Tracking

This is the next instalment of a series of videos that I’ve published about getting to grips with some of the techniques and tools of After Effects while working on our first short film from Hugawookie Films. We’re having a great time learning all of this stuff, and it will only get better with experience. One personal comment, is that I find it really engaging working with our own material, […]



Grading Day for Night

More n00b attempts at learning the basics of After Effects with our recently part shot short narrative film, called “Galactic Council”. Here I go through cropping to 2.35 for cinematic effect, adjusting exposure using levels, grading using Magic Bullet Looks for a “night for day” look, and roughly tidying areas that don’t look quite right.



Basic Rotoscoping Attempt

We got to the business end of cloning out an object that has foreground interaction. I could have chose an easier scene to try and figure out how to use AE CS 5.5, but I’m fairly happy with the novice results. I thought I was going to need to use motion tracking with scaling at first, but then looked at animated masks. They blew my mind. Then came along the […]



Doh! We didn't shut the door!

This was our first attempt at a rough object clone from video using After Effects. It’s all about learning at the moment, to try and pick up some new techniques and give us an idea of what is possible in post. We made a continuity gaff in our shot, and left the side garage door open. Using techniques like in Photoshop, I attempted to remove, or clone the door out […]



300 Hours

Synopsis In 2015 the UK Government initiated the largest ever test of a synthetic virus, aimed at subduing people with specific characteristics. It went horribly wrong. 300 Hours contains edited footage from the diary of the project’s chief scientist, as a chilling warning to future generations. Crew details Starring: Alistair Hughes Written by: Alistair Hughes Edited by: Alistair Hughes Directed by: Alistair Hughes Technical details Camera: Panasonic HD Edited in: […]