#sfl48hr - It's a wrap, folks!

Having been awake for all bar three and a half of the last fifty-four hours (and counting) I cannot vouch for the sanity or lucidity of this post, but I feel I must put in just another few minutes at the pixel-face to tell you where we are up to. We finished. In fact, we completed the movie by 9.30am, and started the upload of the 720p version to Vimeo […]



The 'making of' video part two... day two: The edit!


#sfl48hr continues... the descent into madness!

So after a couple of hours of sleep we awoke ‘refreshed’ at 9.00am and, after a hearty breakfast, got stuck into the edit. Whilst I was blogging and doing the first part of the ‘making of’ video in the wee small hours, Tim and Jack were busy cataloguing all of the footage they had captured during the shoot. This meant that today was a relatively streamlined operation. Honest. Tim started […]



The making of 'Hourglass' part one... the shoot!


#sfl48hr 2013 Hugawookie wrap day one and still going strong...

It might just be the fact that I am typing this at 03.04 on day two, but I feel kind of blessed right now. Blessed to have spent the (very long) first day in the company of a very fine bunch of actors (bunch is the right collective noun, isn’t it?) Blessed to have the privilege of working with such a small but dedicated and talented set of people: Tim […]


Hugawookie enters the 2013 London Sci Fi 48 Hour Film Challenge

Let the games commence! Hello Hugawookie followers… it’s been a while, but we’re back. We’ve spent time honing our craft and building on the things we have learned from our previous efforts and now April is here and it is time once again for the London Sci Fi 48 Hour Film Challenge. So how does this madness work? Some time between 10am and 12noon this Saturday, the 6th of April […]


It's a wrap!

I can hardly believe it, but we have finished. There was a time, at about 05:00 that I thought we wouldn’t make it; Tim chose that time to decide that the edit of Saturday’s shoot just wasn’t good enough and that the hurried rotoscoping was too messy, looked too amateurish and was all-in-all a bad thing. So he started again. By mainly using what we’re calling our Millennium Falcon shot […]


Beep. Matthew, Tim and Alistair are unable to come to the planet right now. Leave a message and they'll get back to you when they are a bit more sane...

It’s four in the bloody morning. A second night of little or no sleep (none, so far) and the edit has entered a phase that can best be described as ‘excruciating’. We are tired – our collective IQ has dropped to double figures and normally simple tasks now seem inordinately difficult. Tim has edited together the rushes from the Sunday shoot and graded the footage. Alistair and I have edited […]


Moore is more... Day Two of the 48 Hour London Sci Fi Film Challenge

So we are now 30 hours into the challenge. Tim hasn’t slept at all, Alistair managed a couple of hours between 06:00 and 08:00 today. I am a wimp and got three and a half glorious hours of shut eye. Hey, it’s tough being the sound guy, y’know?   Yawn.   Anyway, today we were filming on location at Moore Nature Reserve in Warrington. Nature reserve warden Anne Marie met […]


Day One of the 48 Hour London Sci Fi Film Challenge - Speke and Destroy

Day one of our insane attempt to complete a five minute long movie inside 48 hours began at 12:00 today, the 14th of April.   We arrived at our first location – Speke aerodrome in Liverpool and received our instructions.   The Speke aerodrome is home to the Jetstream club – a bunch of plane enthusiasts who give over a fantastic amount of time, effort and money to the restoration […]