It Seems Quiet Because it's So Busy

Hello. It’s been a while. We’ve not been sitting around you know. Whilst we have day jobs -well some of us do…,- Hugawookie work continues apace, even if mainly in the form of discussion and drunken arguments about process. Tim was busy doing an Open University course on Digital Filmmaking (I know, horse bolted and all that) and we got involved in helping with that, to the degree that we […]


Non-DP Attempts to explain Camera Technology

In order to take light coming in to a lens and turn it into an video file on a flash card, a camera works through a series of linear steps, once for each frame per second required of the filming. At the highest level the steps are: Sensor – Light passes through the lens -not dealt with here, a whole voodoo area of it’s own- and strikes the sensor, a […]


Story is King

The German word ‘Gestalt’ roughly means ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. A great band can be like this – the music that they produce together transcends anything that they could ever hope to produce as solo artists. Like the Beatles (and apparently not everyone does) – George Harrison, John Lennon and Paul McCartney all individually produced some very creditable solo works. But only when they […]


I'm More than a Cameraman!

The DP, or Director of Photography, or Cinematographer, is one of the most important roles on set. It is also the role that, when described, usually results in people saying, “ah, the cameraman”.   Lets cut straight to the chase here. The DP is not the cameraman. He might be behind the camera a lot but pointing the camera at actors and pressing the start/stop button when to to is […]


But Producers are Evil, Aren't They?

Welcome the first in a series of discoveries about filmmaking from the perspective of a writer making his way. Our producer, Matthew will have his own, different and broader, views on this to share I’m sure. Everyone struggles with understanding what a producer does. Its dilution into a pot of competing vanity terms – executive, associate- make it seem less than a contributory role and more like a grading system […]


Filming in Public

The actual rules around where you can film without permission and where you need to have it can seem confusing, with plenty of conflicting advice knocking around. They are actually pretty simple but it’s worth looking at. At its most basic this area is about mitigating risk. Filming people or locations without appropriate permission can open you up to, at the easiest, claims on your finances and, at the worst, […]


   So the weekend saw Hugawookie brave the cold outdoors to shoot lots of exterior shots for our forthcoming short, Galactic Council. One of the key elements of the script is the use of  flash-sideways; short vignettes that show how the main character was killed in other ‘lives’. It’s a bit of fun that developed out of some of the earlier drafts of the script. Essentially we get to film […]


Writing is Easy, Writing is Hard

Writing is something we -with the possible exception of children who crash-landed into the jungle and were raised by wild bears- can all do. We typically have to do it every day; whether taking notes at work or signing your life away in exchange for a shockingly expensive meal. Some of us will have even taken the art of rearranging 26 different letters into descriptive and amusing shapes to the […]