Hugawookie Films is a film production company based in the North West of England. We specialise in producing guerilla and low/no-budget short and feature-length original films.

We were formed in the Summer of 2011, when three like minded professional souls were brought together with similar creative ambitions. Although originating from different creative backgrounds, Alistair, Matthew and Tim all shared the same ambition, to be narrative film makers.

Alistair, an accomplished writer, is the corner stone of our productions, producing high quality and evolving scripts and short stories. Matthew brings it all together; a successful entrepreneur, with second to none business acumen and leadership; essential attributes to drive our film production company. Matthew is also an accomplished musician, with good experience of field sound recording.  Tim is a keen and experienced amateur photographer, with a good eye for lighting and composition; and a massive technology geek to boot, which is actually shared amongst all of us. Although we have our own talents, we all try to get involved with every element of the film-making process.

Our ethos is to have an open and fun approach to developing the art of film-making. We use our own skills in sound, film and storytelling to develop new films, treating each project as another step in learning the art of film-making. We’re far from the finished article, but collectively we have some great talent that is always developing. We’re really interested in getting in touch with similar like minded film-maker or actor wannabes, with either talents to share, or simply ideas and passion.

Along our journey, we’ll be using this site to share what we’ve produced, as well as things we’ve learned.

Please feel free to contact us and join in.

The Hugawookie Films Crew


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