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6 Seasons and a Movie...

‘Tis the season…for 48-hour film challenges. The sixth year of taking part in the Sci-fi London 48-hour Film Challenge, this one marked a change in direction… comedy. On Saturday we were given the following variables we had to stick to: – Title – Ad Nauseam – Prop – We see a main character push an SD Card into a slot – Line of dialogue: “I usually keep a spare one […]


Creating The Perfect

This weekend marked the 5th year of being involved in the Sci-Fi London 48-hour Film Challenge. A lot is so, so very familiar – high energy, tiredness, enthusiasm, exhaustion, hilarity and pizza – and yet things change. Perhaps exemplified best by this years final product, people just keep getting better. We have all learnt a lot, continue to push each other, encourage each other, and trust each other to take […]


Burn Down the Sky

It happened again. Only this time we got shortlisted


Another 48 Hours*

*nothing to do with the Eddie Murphy film. That time of year swung around once more. After a very busy year the Hugawookie crew were determined to jump into this years 48-hour film challenge, whatever it took. Which was lucky as we were down a producer/actor in the form of Matthew, Sound-guy Jack was unavailable and could only dial in the music composing from a distance and Alistair -who had […]


New Production News

Star Wars fever is on the rise. Episode VII is entering production and the build up to 2015 is getting everyone excited, including everyone at Hugawookie HQ. We recently shot some audition tapes for some of our actor buddies to send off to JJ Abrams and, with a bit of spare studio time, we cobbled together a skit. This really seemed to get the creative juices flowing and before long […]