‘Tis the season…for 48-hour film challenges. The sixth year of taking part in the Sci-fi London 48-hour Film Challenge, this one marked a change in direction… comedy.

On Saturday we were given the following variables we had to stick to:
– Title – Ad Nauseam
– Prop – We see a main character push an SD Card into a slot
– Line of dialogue: “I usually keep a spare one on me but funnily enough I didn’t think I’d need it today”
– SciFi Trope (optional): Unemployment is illegal and anyone without a job gets sent to jail.

After a brainstorming session, with actors joining via Skype, we set to work on the script.

Followed by an exhausting shoot, filled with laughter and pizza. Latest wrap ever (7am) was followed by a quick kip and then on to editing and composing.


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