11053646_645252718908829_8778020266147067183_n*nothing to do with the Eddie Murphy film.

That time of year swung around once more. After a very busy year the Hugawookie crew were determined to jump into this years 48-hour film challenge, whatever it took. Which was lucky as we were down a producer/actor in the form of Matthew, Sound-guy Jack was unavailable and could only dial in the music composing from a distance and Alistair -who had pneumonia last time we did this- had 2 broken ribs for some reason. There was a story about an escaping dog, or something.

With a crew of 2 (Tim and Alistair), along with the awesome Laura and Roland, stars of previous 48-hour entry, ‘Hourglass’, and new found star from ‘Your Empire Needs You’, Chris sneaked into a suite at the Abode Hotel in Chester for a mammoth 12-hour filming session.


Panoramic view of the hotel location


This great little location gave us some instant production value and, with a few careful chosen angles, gave the impression of 4 different sets. We filmed, laughed far too loudly, ate pizza, worried that the hotel staff would arrive and think they’d stumbled into a porno in the making. At 4:45am we sneaked back down to the car park, laden with kit, then checked out, leaving our hosts non the wiser. Hope they don’t read this!



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