Your Empire Needs You

Star Wars fever is on the rise. Episode VII is entering production and the build up to 2015 is getting everyone excited, including everyone at Hugawookie HQ. We recently shot some audition tapes for some of our actor buddies to send off to JJ Abrams and, with a bit of spare studio time, we cobbled together a skit.

This really seemed to get the creative juices flowing and before long we had 6 scripts written for a web series on the same theme.

What is it then? Well, it’s called Your Empire Needs You and is about life behind the scenes on a replacement Death Star, for the executives, planning council and stormtroopers who walk the beat to keep it safe. Low budget, daft and knowingly low on production value – dress-down Fridays, ill-fitting alien masks and ever changing sets abound- it’s a chance to riff on geeky sci-fi stuff in general but with a broadly familiar Star Wars base. We’re committing to a 12-episode first series – the original one now becoming Episode 2- and to give it a proper release on our YouTube channel. Mostly though, it seems a good way of continuing to do what we set out to do: have a lot of fun, push ourselves further and keep learning.


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