Composer's corner and editing Hell... situated side by side!

So after a couple of hours of sleep we awoke ‘refreshed’ at 9.00am and, after a hearty breakfast, got stuck into the edit.

Whilst I was blogging and doing the first part of the ‘making of’ video in the wee small hours, Tim and Jack were busy cataloguing all of the footage they had captured during the shoot. This meant that today was a relatively streamlined operation. Honest.

Tim started the visual edit sequentially, pulling together the shots most likely to make it into the final piece and making initial decisions about what should stay and what should go.

Meanwhile Jack worked on developing a musical theme. He and I had been chatting about Hans Zimmer’s amazing work on the Christopher Nolan ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy and he channeled that conversation into a decision to work with a two-chord basis for the idea – D and a diminished fifth thereof. I have heard some of Jack’s stuff previously but never seen him at work, and I was instantly impressed with the speed that he was able to deliver very professional and finessed-sounding work.

He also developed a few sound effects, including the ‘alien hum’ that the characters that get ‘possessed’ by the alien ‘Hourglass’ device start to hear. Probably best not to ask where he got the source sample for that hum.

Alistair then arrived and he, Tim and I had a chat about the rough edit in progress, making a few creative decisions about some of the shots. This was something that we re-convened every few hours during the day up until Tim called ‘time!’ and locked the edit at about 9.00pm.

While Tim was getting to that point, Jack and I recorded some foley and generally did some creative sound stuff.

As I type this, Jack is working the score to fit the images and sorting the dialogue, foley and wild tracks. Tim is grading the footage and making it all look even more awesome.

We are marching purposefully onwards with the distinct chance of finishing on time!

Best of all, one of our wonderful troupe of actors from yesterday – Toria – felt sorry for us languishing in editorial Hell and arranged for a nice man from Dominoes to turn up with a pizza for us to share. What a very nice person! Thank you once again, Toria!






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