Let the games commence!

Hello Hugawookie followers… it’s been a while, but we’re back.

We’ve spent time honing our craft and building on the things we have learned from our previous efforts and now April is here and it is time once again for the London Sci Fi 48 Hour Film Challenge. So how does this madness work? Some time between 10am and 12noon this Saturday, the 6th of April (yes, tomorrow), the competition organisers will give all the competition entrants a line of dialogue, a title, and a prop that has to be used in the movie.

The competition officially starts at 12noon on Saturday and we then have to write, act, film, score, edit and everything in order to create a 5 minute movie… all to be completed and submitted by 1pm on Monday! You may recall that last year we had done a lot of preparation – we had a script that we added the competition elements into, we already knew roughly what sort of thing we were going to be doing.

This isn’t really in the spirit of the competition, which wants us to create everything over the weekend, and to be honest the competition elements felt a bit ‘crow barred in’ to our script. This year we’re doing it differently. Our plan is that cast and crew will all meet at the location, which is an old mill building we scouted out last night (see the video posted by clicking here or pasting this URL into your browser http://youtu.be/enLb-y0JNa8 ).

The studio we will be filming in tomorrow

When we get the variables (title, line of diaglogue and prop) from the organisers, the writer, Director and DoP will have a brief brainstorm session, define what the basic story will be and then our writer will go away with a cold compress on his head and write the damn script. Whilst he does that, the Director will run a workshop with the actors, playing around with the agreed story scenario to get a flavour of everyone’s style, get everyone used to working with one another etc. The workshop will help the actors get to know one another and the Director, because none of us have met one another before. Scary.

It will also help create some characterisation, which we can later use to inform our interpretation of the script but it will not define the characters the actors ultimately end up playing or the dialogue they end up saying – that’s up to the writer. Meanwhile the DoP will be setting up equipment and the sound engineer will be off in the world of Manchester getting hold of the all-important prop that we need (thanks to the evil competition organisers…) If we get the variables at 10am then the script should be done and by about 12.30pm/ 1.00pm and the shoot will merely be high-pressure; if we get them later the script will be ready a bit later and the shoot will be insane.

When the words are written, we will be ready to rehearse and block a couple of scenes and start shooting. Finish time has to be 8.00pm because we don’t have the location any later than that… but finish we will.

The entire shoot will be completed on the Saturday and actors will be sent home, tired, happy and contented in the knowledge of a job well-done… meanwhile us Hugawookies will be off to the editing suite to spend the next thirty-ish hours editing, grading footage, creating foley, writing and recording incidental music and, quite probably, swearing. A lot. By Monday lunchtime the finished item will be submitted to the Sci Fi London people and we will be able to sleep.

We’ll keep you posted with updates here as we go through the weekend.

Stick with us on our journey, it’ll be fun. Honest…

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