I can hardly believe it, but we have finished.

There was a time, at about 05:00 that I thought we wouldn’t make it; Tim chose that time to decide that the edit of Saturday’s shoot just wasn’t good enough and that the hurried rotoscoping was too messy, looked too amateurish and was all-in-all a bad thing.

So he started again.

By mainly using what we’re calling our Millennium Falcon shot (camera with very wide lens gaffer taped to the windscreen of the cockpit, facing Captain Pantall and First Officer Mason Pantall) Tim pulled out of the bag what I can only describe as a Really Fucking Awesome Edit.

The finished result was all done by about an hour ago and we uploaded a low-res output to the Ubuntu 1 file share site that the competition organisers require from those of us who are working ‘long distance’ from London. They therefore already have proof that we have completed it. We are now uploading the much larger MPEG-2 DVD file (2.67 GB file… another 26 minutes or so before that is up there as I type these words…)

Then we will burn the DVD, check that it works on several different DVD players and computers (pays to be paranoid) and get it off in the registered/ signed for/ date stamped post.

So what is the movie like?

Well, no doubt we’ll upload it here on the web site very soon (once we have got the competition necessities out of the way), but in the meantime I can tell you that when I first saw it this morning I actually got goosebumps. I cannot believe what we have achieved and the timeframe in which we achieved it.

Kudos to Tim who, as a man-machine, has gone without sleep (save for one hour yesterday afternoon) since he got his ass out of bed on Saturday morning. Where is he now?

Snoring loudly on the sofa in his basement editing suite whilst I sit typing this entry. Sleep well mate, you have earned it!




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