It is done. After 48 frenetic hours, with virtually no sleep, the film challenge is over and a fine, fine film lies in it’s place. My fellow wookies have hopefully accepted the warm embrace of the Sandman and enjoyed a well deserved rest.

I crashed just before 5am and had to head off to work at 7, leaving them to finish off without me. I have just seen the final assembly of the edit that we worked so hard on over the last 48 hours.

It is a truly indescribably experience to see something that you wrote come to life, with the assistance of a group of enthusiastic, tenacious and generous people,  as a movie. It is even more astonishing for it to be transformed into a movie that is ten time better than the version in your head -where there are no budget constraints- for a number of reasons. The story evolved and changed as it came to life. Daft ideas pinged out and became great ideas. Several constraints or accidents became serendipitous improvements. A ton of wonderful people performed amazing feats in front of the camera. Tim and Matthew weaved layer upon layer of additional magic with their expertise, intuitive feel for what worked best and shooting for perfection, whatever the circumstances.

I feel honoured that so many people would come together to turn our little story and our grand ideas into reality.

To the actors and extras in front of the camera, the whole production and support team behind the camera and of course to our ever supportive families, thank you so much for everything.

And finally, to my two fellow wookies. Without you there would be nothing here except a guy with a laptop and a few story ideas. I am awestruck by your talent and passion and honoured to be on this journey with you.


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