It’s four in the bloody morning. A second night of little or no sleep (none, so far) and the edit has entered a phase that can best be described as ‘excruciating’.

We are tired – our collective IQ has dropped to double figures and normally simple tasks now seem inordinately difficult.

Tim has edited together the rushes from the Sunday shoot and graded the footage. Alistair and I have edited all the dialogue audio from the Saturday shoot and pulled together all the audio rushes for the Sunday shoot (including recording the v/o for the end of the movie). We’ve then created the credits for Tim to drop in where necessary.

Now Tim is going back over the rendered edit of the Saturday shoot trying to tidy up some of the FX shots which are a bit ropey due to him having had to do about a week’s worth of rotoscoping in one night (because our green screen was a bit shit and didn’t work properly).

We have to upload a low res version of this film to the competition organisers by 12:00 today… that’s just eight hours away now so that means we are (sound of rusty brain-cogs whirring and grinding) forty hours into the challenge.

Oh. My. God.

We have to export the high res version to them too, but it’s allowed to arrive after 12:00 – the low res output just proves to them that we did it in the timeframe allotted to us.

We also have to send a DVD version which has to be posted before 14:00 (a signed for delivery with a time stamp on it proving that we mailed it in the correct fashion and at the right time).

So, still rather a lot to do and not much time to do it in! Glad that I took tomorrow (gulp, no, strike that… today) off work.






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