One of the big things that I took away from last weekend’s Guerrilla Filmmaker’s Masterclass was the basics of creating a ‘picture with sound’.

The old phrase says that the best pictures are on radio… Chris Jones pointed out that when a filmmaker gets the sound right, somehow, almost magically, the picture seems better.

Wow. Sound is important. That is kind of cool.

I have found myself paying far more attention to the use of sound in what I am watching. Things that would have seemed ‘natural’ to me previously are now suffering and seeming constructed and contrived as I am dissecting and analysing. In many cases, I am surprised by how ham-fisted they seem when you pull that ‘sound collage’ apart.

I am determined to develop the means to create ‘real’ environments in audio and so I am developing my own library of atmospheres and sound FX. This will take time and will involve me being a bit weird, wandering around in various environments with my sound recorder and a pair of headphones, brow furrowed and concentration etched on my face.

The end result, though, should be a selection of clips that we can use to add a signature audio experience to Hugawookie products.


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